Toshi was born and raised in Kobe, Japan where he started his woodworking career apprenticing at his family's cabinetry business with his cousin. However, life took him in a different direction. After some international travel, Toshi settled here in Western Massachusetts to start a family. In 1984 he worked for a developing company out of Belchertown, Mass and started to build 1200-1900 square foot homes. Toshi then moved on to create his own general contracting business in 1986, Kashima Builders. From there he built custom homes,managed renovations and remodels, as well as worked with local businesses (such as China Gourmet, The Peoples Pint, and Ginger Garden) to create warm and welcoming spaces. In 2009 the market demanded a different type of home and Toshi delivered. He began to research and implement energy efficiency in homes. Today, Toshi has developed a wealth of knowledge while working with energy efficient products such as HERS rating, photo volt and solar hot water systems with energy saving ventilation systems.